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OPINION: Jayland Walker deserves justice

Grace Clarke, Opinion Writer April 18, 2023

Jayland Walker. This is the name of yet another Black male murdered unjustly – and served no justice. In June of 2022, Walker was murdered – and suffered a brutal overkill. Walker was initially...

Winners of the Renaissance Ball stand with Program director Taminqua Blackwell (gold dress) and past winners of the ball. Atira Wong won Princess, William Joiner won Prince, Kiara Moore won queen and Julian Grimes won king.

Black royalty shines in Kent State ballroom

Reegan Saunders Reporter November 13, 2021

Lights begin to dim over a ballroom—white tablecloths adorned with lavender and champagne-colored bouquets, candlelight illuminating the faces of finely dressed guests and soft orchestral music filling...

Demonstrators protest the death of George Floyd as they gather Wednesday, June 3, 2020, on the East side of the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

Democrats offer sweeping police reform bill

 (CNN) -- Democrats put forward sweeping legislation Monday aimed at cracking down on police brutality and recording patterns of misuse of force across the country, the first concrete step toward action...

Protesters make their way towards the Kent Police Department. The march started at 2:30 p.m.

Black United Students organize justice march to honor lives lost to police brutality

Troy Pierson Reporter June 7, 2020

Hundreds of protesters who marched the streets of Kent yesterday afternoon sent a strong message to any observer who witnessed their demonstration: people are tired, angry and determined to see changes...

Where is the justice for people of color killed by cops?

Joseph Langan February 28, 2018

In the wake of the school shooting that left 17 people, many of them teenagers, dead — the latest episode in the tightly-scheduled programming of American mass murders — gun control proposals permeate...

Sil Lai Abrams talks to a goup of students in Oscar Ritchie Hall about domestic violence and inaccurate portrayals of women in reality TV showson March 31, 2015.

Violence in reality: Speaker explains representation of black women in society

McKenzie Jean-Philippe April 1, 2015

In recent months, the phrase “black lives matter” has become a widespread slogan in the movement against police brutality in urban communities. But how many people know that the origin of these groundbreaking...

Our View: Addressing the real issues

KS Editors September 3, 2014

The sight of a body lying on the ground, in any context, is unsettling. From the body of an ebola victim lying forgotten in the street of Sierra Leone, to an elementary school child huddled during crisis...

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