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A screenshot of the universitys description of its dining options on the dining services website. 

Student with celiac disease expresses grievances with gluten-free dining options on campus

Alton Northup Reporter September 17, 2021

Kent State University advertises its inclusive dining options as a selling point to incoming freshmen. This year, however, students have expressed disappointment with the university, accusing dining services...

Prentice Hall, which used to be a dining hall, will now be used as an engagement space.

Prentice Cafe permanently closed, but other gluten-free options are available

Camryn Kocher Reporter February 8, 2021

Kent State University has decided to repurpose Prentice Cafe into an engagement space for students. The café has closed in order to transform it into an additional academic learning center. However,...

Gluten-free students turn to new dining options during Prentice Café closure

Megan Medfisch Health and Fitness reporter October 22, 2020

After the closure of Prentice Café, the only completely gluten-free dining hall on campus, gluten-free students must look elsewhere for dining options.A new dining hall, DI Dining: Eat-In, located in...

Kent State houses remaining on-campus students in Stopher, Johnson halls

After moving all classes online for the rest of the semester, Kent State's campus houses only 67 remaining students who are staying in the Stopher and Johnson residence halls.  These students, who are...

Exercise, sleep can help with avoiding the freshman 15

Sarah Arnold Rec and Fitness reporter September 30, 2019

Meal plans, late nights and open dining halls can lead to poor health choices, but there are many ways you can avoid unwanted pounds and stay sharp during the semester. According to the Mental Health...

Junior business management major Hannah Robinson (left) talks with junior marketing major Kelly Corey (bottom right) about the new meal plans in front of Rosie’s Diner in Tri-Towers on Friday, Aug. 24, 2018.

‘You talked, we listened.’ Meal plan changes come to campus

Valerie Royzman September 7, 2018

Last week, Dining Services — on social media and through Vice President of Student Affairs Shay Little at an Undergraduate Student Government meeting — promised to hear students out on their frustrations...

Matthew Olienechak

Opinion: Healthy dining is not always budget-friendly

Matthew Olienechak August 29, 2017

With a new semester once again upon us, I have found myself lumbering around campus and getting used to the new changes made in my absence.New dining choices are to be expected, and the HUB did not fail...

Prentice Cafe senior manager shares passion for healthy eating

Rachel Stevenson September 13, 2016

Prentice Cafe Senior Manager Marlene Maneage said her passion for healthy eating and commitment to Kent State's University Dining Services has impacted her role in managing the gluten-free facility.Maneage...

A bagel pizza served on Prentice Hall Café’s gluten-free menu on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016.

Nation’s first gluten-free dining hall opens on campus

Rachel Stevenson August 31, 2016

Kent State opened Prentice Cafe as the first gluten-free dining hall in the nation on Tuesday to address growing demands for gluten-free foods and accommodations on campus.“The demand has increased,...

Dining Services offers a culinary passport with themed nights

Shane Beneke October 22, 2015

The sound of a live Italian band filled the room while the smell of fresh meats and cheeses lingered. Renaissance artwork hung on the walls. These were just a few of the details Kent State Dining Services...

Opinion: On campus food

Lauren Gump January 15, 2015

Before I moved on campus, I had it stuck in my head that I would eat healthy and not gain the "Freshman 15." I figured I would eat a lot of fruits and veggies and eat salads and fish and stay away from...

Sample the taste of Kent

Carolyn Pippin September 17, 2014

Students can sample food from each Dining Services location during the Taste of Kent from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Student Green Thursday, Sept. 18.The Taste of Kent began eight years ago.“We wanted...

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