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Illustration by LaQuann Dawson.

Relaxed Reads: Ghost in My Closet

Shelby Driver December 2, 2014

Visit Luna Negra for more!There is a ghost in my closet. It eats at me like moths consuming cotton, savoring every mouthful like sugar-coated candy, until I am a skeleton made of wirey coat hangers, bent...

Relaxed Reads: Grandfather

Shelby Driver November 25, 2014

Visit Luna Negra for more! He was a history bookwith the pages all torn out,buried with my grandmothera pulse, taken, ripped and recycledyesterday’s headlines weren’t worthremembering anyway.  Grandfather Give...

Old Man

Relaxed Reads: The star of my heart

Kelsey Husnick November 18, 2014

The lights are dimmed, candles are lit and my family crowds around me, waiting for the cue to start singing. It’s the usual birthday scene — my little sisters giggle at the end of the table as I sit...

Veterans in uniform raise the flag during a Veterans Day ceremony hosted by PARTA and the Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center on Veterans Day, Tuesday Nov. 11, 2014.

Relaxed Reads: Veteran’s Day Speakers

Shelby Driver November 11, 2014

Visit Luna Negra for more! He sucked the air out of the roomwhen he told us how he lost his leg.Some of us shuddered and hid our eyes, others tried to keep from gigglingat the sight of our grimaced...

Illustration by LaQuann Dawson

Relaxed Reads: Blue Harvest, Part Three

Cody Moss November 4, 2014

Ryan and Melissa found themselves inside of a crop circle in the middle of old man Yoder’s field. Their jaws hung open. Their hands trembled. Their legs froze and rooted themselves into the ground as...

Fractured Breath

Relaxed Reads: Fractured Breath

Shelby Driver October 28, 2014

Visit Luna Negra for more!I was at the library when your mother sent me the text, as if to lessen the blow that you were in the ER, cut open like a half-ripe pomegranate. I couldn’t hold your hand until...

Crop Circles

Relaxed Reads: Blue Harvest

Cody Moss October 21, 2014

Part OneSaturday had arrived. Ryan couldn’t have been more excited, but Melissa was aloof. They were just finishing cleaning up at Burger King. Ryan danced as he swept the floor; Melissa filtered the...

Blue Harvest, Part One

Relaxed Reads: Blue Harvest, Part One

Cody Moss October 14, 2014

The sun set on the small town of Hartville, Ohio; a romantic spectacle for some, a normal sight for others. Cotton candy clouds populated the sky, and a remarkable glare made it almost impossible to drive...

Relaxed Reads: I Begin/We End

Shelby Driver October 7, 2014

Cold and formless I feltthe darkness hovering over the waterMy new body made of sparrows,Their feathers rejected, their song resonates,greasy fingers finding lips,I laugh with my mouth openbeating fists...

Illustration by LaQuann Dawson

Relaxed Reads: A Hampstead Afternoon

Seth Murray September 30, 2014

I got off at the Hampstead exit. I couldn’t believe how far I’d come in the past week and a half since arriving in London. Taking the Tube from Enfield to Hampstead required multiple changes of trains,...


Relaxed Reads: Beast

Maria Cherwien September 23, 2014

He saw the creature in me;The bestiality of my brow,and he heard a growl betweenthe syllables ofmy name. You, the carnivore,I, the nomad;though green rootsunder the skin on my feetsay otherwise:stay. Stay,...


Relaxed Reads: Swallowed

Shelby Driver September 16, 2014

Editor's Note: Each week, KSUBuzz will feature a fiction or poetry piece.Once she swallowed a lake with her eyes. The lake water filtered out her blood and made it green. She let the pebbles grind down...

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