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Facebook continues to assist in finding dorm, apartment roommates

Cassondra Siaus Reporter May 7, 2021

Luke Mansueti, a senior psychology student, ran into trouble when trying to find someone to live with his freshman year of college.“It was difficult to start searching for a roommate because I did not...

Facing conflict living with a significant other in college

Kelsey Paulus Reporter February 26, 2020

One of the biggest commitments freshman public relations major Kaileigh Sly had to face when moving in with her boyfriend was giving up her personal time and space. However, she said living together makes...

Messages exchanged between two roommates dealing with conflict. 

Off-campus living situations pose challenges for students

Kelsey Paulus Relationships Reporter January 26, 2020

Two days after Megan’s roommate made buffalo chicken dip. On the kitchen counter, the dip was still plugged in on low in a crock pot. Even after confronting her roommate, it was left alone for the remainder...

Marks residence hall room that she decorated with posters in Centennial Court F. 

Decked Out Dorms

Hannah Gooch Housing reporter October 22, 2019

The best way to make a dorm room feel like home is with decorations personal to you. Decorations can create an aesthetic, express who you are or simply make a room your own.Sophomore nutrition major Bridget...

Who Knows Their Roommate Best? social event brings roommates together

Olson Hall’s fourth-floor lounge was buzzing with laughs and smiles at the Who Knows Their Roommate Best? Event on Thursday night.Female fourth-floor residents gathered in the lounge to enjoy refreshments...

Olson Hall to host ‘Who Knows Their Roommate Best?’ social event

Olson Hall residents can learn something new about their roommate at Thursday’s "Who Knows Their Roommate Best?" event.All fourth-floor female residents are required to attend the event in the lounge...

(From left to right) Junior fashion merchandising major Olivia Humer, junior education major Greta Schuster and senior advertising major Ariana Zingale laugh and talk in their shared home in Kent on Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

Breaking up is hard to do, roommate edition

Andriana Ruscitto September 8, 2019

Sam Zezena, a senior fashion merchandising major, moved into the dorm with a friend from high school in August 2016. The two got along great in high school, but Zezena had a small amount of doubt moving...

Orientation Opinion: A smooth start for you and your roommate

Maggie Wachtel August 20, 2014

There is nothing quite like your freshman year of college. And if you’re like most freshmen, you will be dealing with a roommate. If you’re like me and you’ve had your own room for your whole life,...

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