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With roommates, communication goes a long way

Alton Northup, Reporter November 4, 2022

More than 6,500 students live on Kent State's main campus, according to the university website, and often these students are sharing their living space with a roommate for the very first time. Knowing...


Facebook continues to assist in finding dorm, apartment roommates

Cassondra Siaus Reporter May 7, 2021

Luke Mansueti, a senior psychology student, ran into trouble when trying to find someone to live with his freshman year of college.“It was difficult to start searching for a roommate because I did not...

Roommate issues

How open communication can lead to positive roommate relationships

Cassondra Siaus Reporter February 3, 2021

Confronting anyone is hard enough, but when you are having issues with someone you are living with it can tend to be more awkward and tense. It is essential to establish boundaries with your roommate(s)...

10 tips for dealing with roommate conflicts

Nathan Mehring Reporter September 20, 2020

Conflicts can be very common between roommates, especially now that residence halls only allow one guest in a room at a time. Students are often in the same room with the same person for most of the day. Many...

Messages exchanged between two roommates dealing with conflict. 

Off-campus living situations pose challenges for students

Kelsey Paulus Relationships Reporter January 26, 2020

Two days after Megan’s roommate made buffalo chicken dip. On the kitchen counter, the dip was still plugged in on low in a crock pot. Even after confronting her roommate, it was left alone for the remainder...

Students are first sent to mediation services before switching roommates due to conflict

Vanessa Gresley October 12, 2018

Conflict between roommates often leads students to switch out of their dorm rooms, and starting this year, a new effort at Kent State refers students to Student Mediation Services before they do so.Last...

Carolina Saguero, 18, left, of South Los Angeles, a freshman at Cal State Northridge, is photographed inside her dorm room that she shares with Marlissa Frey, 18, right, of Santa Clarita, also a freshman, on August 26, 2013. Next to Frey is her friend Ricky Escalante, 18, who was visiting. 

How to deal with roommate conflicts

Dara Sander August 27, 2015

For all incoming freshmen and returning students living in the residence halls, learning how to get along and resolve conflicts with roommates is an important part of the college dorm experience.Jill Church,...

Ask Mel: Roommate drama

Melissa Puppo April 10, 2014

Dear Mel,I thought things were going well with my current roommate, but lately, she has been acting distant, and I feel like something is bothering her. I don’t know if I should confront her or wait...

Its not you, its your side of the room

Roommate break-ups

Blythe Alsbaugh February 19, 2014

Shantelle Rogers switched roommates during winter break because she and her former roommate simply didn’t mesh well.Rogers, a freshman communication studies major, described herself to be more laid back...

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