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Exercise infographic

How exercise can benefit mental health

Kenzie Johnston Reporter April 30, 2021

Fitness and exercise may be a way to build muscle, lose some weight, increase metabolism and improve your overall physique, but one thing that can motivate many people to stay active is the sense of overall...

Freshman medical technology major Eindre Win said “Bridgerton” inspired her to buy a corset. Photo courtesy of Eindre Win.

‘Bridgerton’ ignites revival of corset trend

Catie Pusateri Reporter February 8, 2021

Fashion trends often resurface after a decade or two, but a recent trend emerged from the Regency period. Corsets, garments typically used to achieve a smaller waist, found their way into modern fashion...

Calla Motsis (far left) posing in photo with her friends.

Women at Kent State discuss impacts of social media on body image

Gershon Harrell March 24, 2018

Calla Motsis, a freshman visual communication design major, takes pictures with her friends. These pictures range from selfies to full-body pictures with everyone being side-by-side. She describes her...

Marisa Stephens, a freshman managerial marketing major discusses the “I’m that Girl” group she started this past semester on Mar. 3, 2015. As a newly formed all female group, members aim to make this organization a safe, and supportive setting. “The main goal is for girls to feel better about themselves. If you have a problem, you will always have someone to talk to and help you. Everyone has something they can bring to the table.”

Marisa Stephens is ‘that KSU girl’

Felicia Guadagni March 3, 2015

In spring 2014, the American College Health Association reported that 91.6 percent of female college students reported they “felt overwhelmed by all they had to do” any time within the last 12 months...

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