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OPINION: 2021 is “1984” – America’s education system as propaganda

Maria Ferrato Opinion Writer March 21, 2021

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past,” George Orwell wrote in “1984,” his novel about a totalitarian government that retains its power by controlling...

FSL aims to change stigma in Greek life

Kent State Fraternity and Sorority Life has made attempts in recent years to distance themselves from the stigma often related to Greek life.Kent State recently made the decision to no longer call FSL...

Being Muslim in America, discusses religion, breaks down stereotypes

Students discussed being Muslim in America and broke down stereotypes imposed on Islamic culture and religion at the first Muslim Student Association meeting on Oct. 3. In the United States, there are...

Members of the Korean Culture Club socialize during an icebreaker on Feb. 8.

Kent State club aims to teach, discuss Korean culture

Madison Patterson February 27, 2019

Few organizations on Kent State’s campus get more extreme reactions than the Korean Culture Club. Students often describe it as cringey or launch accusations of cultural appropriation.The president and...

Picture of a past Pan-African Theatre Ensemble performance.Photo courtesy of Sydney Sheets.

Acting out of stereotypes

Madison Brattoli November 4, 2018

Kent State’s Pan-African Theatre Ensemble strives to give minority students a place to express themselves through theater.Historically, minorities have not been given the same opportunities in theater...

Muslim students break down stereotypes

Itzel Leon International Reporter May 11, 2016

Terrorist attacks not only affect the people who died or were injured but also the people who practice the same religion as or simply looks like the attacker.         “Our first reaction is,...

Women’s Center combines Halloween and Feminist Fridays

Shane Beneke October 25, 2015

The Kent State Women’s Center hosted a Feminist Fridays monthly meeting Friday from noon to 1 p.m., which had a Halloween twist. The discussion topic, "Witches, B*tches & Hags", looked at stereotypes...

Women’s Center to kickstart Masculinity Project on Tuesday

Cameron Gorman October 11, 2015

The Kent State Women’s Center is broadening their focus this fall with the Masculinity Project, which will focus on the stereotypes and expectations placed on males in society.“It overlaps with the...

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