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Silver fork in a mixed vegetable salad seasoned with olive oils.

Healthy eating can help students stay focused for final stretch of semester

Olivia Richard, Reporter November 9, 2022

Healthy eating is important for Kent State University college students to help them stay energized and focused throughout busy days. What college students eat affects how well they perform in and outside...

The Kent State University Library will be lit in blue and green all National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, from February 21 through February 27.

Kent State commemorates National Eating Disorder Awareness Week with library light display

Morgan McGrath, Reporter February 25, 2022

Editor's Note: Maddy Haberberger, campus representative for National Eating Disorders Association, serves as the social media manager for The Kent Stater and KentWired. Given her role and relationship...

The Fruit Stand opened on Jan. 5 at 175 E Erie St.

Fruit-based restaurant trend in downtown Kent

Brynne Mann April 5, 2021

Downtown Kent opened three new fruit-based restaurants in the past year despite COVID-19. The Fruit Stand, Kwench Juice Cafe and the Tropical Smoothie Cafe are the new restaurants people can visit. “Restaurants...

Draw struggles cost Kent lacrosse in loss to Marquette

Jimmy Oswald Sports Reporter February 28, 2021

For the second game in a row the Kent State lacrosse team lost the draw control battle by double digits. And for the second game in a row the Flashes lost the game, falling to Marquette University 19-8. Junior...

Kent State nutrition professor creates nutrition plans for students

Hannah Burkey Reporter April 2, 2020

Kent State students can receive a free, individualized and nutritious meal plan.Tanya Falcone, Kent State nutrition professor and coordinator for the Center of Nutrition Outreach, creates the meal plans...

Counting macronutrients can help athletes

Hannah Burkey Reporter February 24, 2020

Counting macronutrients can yield the results many athletes are looking for.“You want to get a certain amount of carbs, fats and protein. Those are your macros,” said Tanya Falcone, registered dietician...

CrossFit is a new way to exercise and brings together a community on campus. 

A New Kind of Working Out

A workout that is fast-paced, high-intensity and challenging has drawn a community to Kent. CrossFit combines interval training with Olympic weightlifting that is a mix between aerobic exercise to get...

The downsides, health concerns of pre-workout

It’s hard for busy college students to have the energy to juggle classes and homework, let alone get to the gym every day. Relying on a caffeine supplement to give you a boost of energy may seem like...

Fitness competitions encourage students to stay active, eat better

Building muscle turned into a new competitive fitness trend that involves countless hours at the gym, strict macro counting and posing in a bikini to show off muscle definition. Weight lifting is taken...

Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers nutrition advice but overall attendance drops

Shelbie Goulding February 6, 2018

Kent State offers free nutrition advice and fitness facilities to give students a healthier college lifestyle, but statistics show students have not taken advantage of these opportunities.“Students are...

Weight management class aims to improve Kent community health

Jennie Barr July 25, 2014

An eight-week weight management class will begin Aug. 25 in Nixson Hall. Tanya Falcone, adult nutrition counselor for the Center of Nutrition Outreach, will be instructor of the first ever class, which...

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