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Bloomberg November 6, 2021

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, arrives to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, Nov. 5, 2021. The House plans to vote today on the White House's $1.75 trillion...

Scott Dotterer, the coordinator for the Office of Health Promotion.

STD cases are soaring in Ohio — here’s what you can do to stay healthy

Lydia Taylor and David Williams February 13, 2019

Last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report that showed cases of STDs have increased across all age groups in Ohio.Most notably, cases among young adults and college-aged...

Sony Ton-Aime Headshot

REFLECTION: The outsider’s personality

Sony Ton-Aime January 30, 2019

The other day, a journalism student stopped me and asked to take my picture. It was a class assignment, and she asked me three questions but said that I only needed to answer one. I agreed to smile for...

Bruce Walton is the opinions editor. Contact him at

Opinion: World War III may be closer than you’d think, but not what you’d expect

Bruce Walton March 18, 2015

Many may believe we live in a time filled with war. As millennials, we all have grown up with war.Contrary to belief, we are actually living in one of the most peaceful time periods of human history. I’m...

John Hess is a senior political science major. Contact him at

Opinion: #Traitors: Iran and the Senate Meltdown

John Hess March 16, 2015

The news has recently been filled with controversy surrounding the ongoing negotiations with Iran. The first act in this drama involved a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the U.S....

Our View: Internationally inclusive?

KS Editors November 20, 2014

After choosing to come to the U.S. for school, international students can face several challenges when they arrive. Language and cultural barriers are enough to deal with in addition to arriving to campus...

Marvin Logan is a senior Pan-African studies major and columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at

Opinion: Media distraction in the news

Marvin Logan October 8, 2014

One thing that interests me is how much control the media have today. After the deregulation of media in the 1990s, news and TV have a much different look. News stations no longer have to maintain a responsibility...

News on the go: April 22, 2014

Taylor Williams April 21, 2014

After a fight with his parents, a 16-year-old boy climbed an airport fence, crossed a tarmac and climbed into a jetliner’s wheel well before flying five freezing hours to Hawaii. Authorities found the...

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