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Flash Bistro by Amazon expected to open in April

Adriana Gasiewski

The Flash Bistro by Amazon is expected to open in The Student Center later this year, allowing shoppers to purchase and pay for food and beverages using a new technology check-out system.

Laura Roach, associate director of operations for University Housing and Culinary Services, said she anticipates the Flash Bistro by Amazon, which was created as a result of a partnership with Amazon, to open sometime in April.

“We were hoping if the project goes smoothly without supply issues, we will open in April sometime,” Roach said.

The same foods, which can be found at the current Flash Bistro in The Student Center such as snacks, milkshakes and coffee, as well as other beverages ,will also be available in the Flash Bistro by Amazon, Roach said.

Unlike the Flash Bistro by Amazon, the current Flash Bistro still features check-outs as it does not have a connection with Amazon, Roach said.

Since Amazon will play a part in the new space, Roach said the space will offer more of a selection when it comes to grab and go items such as candy.

In addition to the anticipated new variety of snacks and beverages, the store will also be open on Sundays, and its hours of operation will be from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., she said.

“It will be exciting for students to enter the space anytime the building is open for business,” Roach said. “This will be a convenient place to visit for something quick.”

Both sophomore visual communication design major Simon Miller and sophomore visual communication design major Gabe Frost said they were curious about the Amazon aspect of the bistro.

“I was at the airport and Amazon has this new type of check out where you pay before you can go in and grab whatever you need,” Frost said. “I’m curious if that’s what [the Flash Bistro by Amazon] is.”

The market will offer a different way to pay as the newer technology will allow for the Flash Bistro by Amazon to be a check-out free store, Roach said.

“Because of the technology [students] can go and swipe whatever card they’re using [and the card] will be billed for any items that they pick off the shelf or out of the cooler,” she said. “It’s automatically charged to their card.”

With the check-out free technology of Amazon, the Flash Bistro by Amazon will function similar to an Amazon Just Walk Out store, a store created by Amazon allowing shoppers to input their payment option before entering the store so they can skip check-outs, she said.

“When they finish shopping, they’re able to leave the store, and their chosen payment method will be charged for their items,” Roach said.

In addition to the check-out free aspect of the new Flash Bistro, people can expect less wait times, Roach said.

“It’ll be quicker, there shouldn’t be a line,” she said. “People will be able to have easy access in and out.”

Although the bistro will be check-out free, declining balance, money included in the university’s meal plan functioning similarly to a debit plan, will still be accepted along with credit cards, Roach said.

The idea of the check-out free store caused some like Miller to say he would try out the Flash Bistro by Amazon at least one time.

“I would see how it goes. I would try it one time [because] I’m usually here for the meal swap stuff, but I would definitely try it out one time,” he said.

Adriana Gasiewski is a beat reporter. Contact her at [email protected].

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