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Horoscopes: Feb. 26 – March 3

Canva Illustration by Eloise Bennett

Aries: House of Assertiveness, Appearance, and Drive. Ruled by Mars.

  • This week may include a chance of change for you, Aries. The full Moon in Virgo may push you to alter the way you treat yourself and others. Be prepared for challenges to arise as you may be confronted with overcoming internal struggles, perhaps having to do with your sense of self. 

Taurus: House of Practicality, Stability, and Reliability. Ruled by Venus.

  • Taurus might experience a new romantic opportunity this week! Uranus being in Taurus grounds you, so you’re seeing the practical side of love. Right now, stability is your best friend as it will guide you to know what is good for you versus what is not. 

Gemini: House of Vibrance, Flexibility, and Curiosity. Ruled by Mercury. 

  • Gemini might find themselves awaiting a new career opportunity. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Try to find the patience to wait for the right time to come. As a Gemini, your communication is your strong suit and remember that others respect this side of you. The golden opportunity will come your way when you are ready. 

Cancer: House of Comfort, Sensitivity, and Compassion. Ruled by the Moon.

  • Some tension might be on the horizon for Cancer. Whether it’s interpersonal or internal, you might be waiting on an important decision. Your ruling planet is in Virgo, which means that you might want to take a more sensible approach to sorting out these difficult details, but most importantly, remember to let go. 

Leo: House of Life, Vitality, and Loyalty. Ruled by the Sun.

  • Relationships are erupting for Leo. You and someone important to you may not be seeing eye to eye. Conflict is your middle name, but you may want to consider pulling back and reconciling with those around you. With the Sun in Pisces, you’re more keen on compassion and emotions this week. 

Virgo: House of Efficiency, Reliability, and Organization. Ruled by Mercury. 

  • Full Moon for you, Virgo! Saturday’s full Moon will bring about potential for romance or partnership. For Virgo, this could suggest some serious productivity. As the sign of efficiency, new business ideas may be on the horizon for you. Remember that your accomplishments will come back to reflect your hard work. 

Libra: House of Pleasure, Beauty, and Love. Ruled by Venus.

  • Libra may be feeling a bit needy in terms of not feeling romantically satisfied. Your partner may not be doing what you ask, or you’re feeling lonely because of a lack of romance. Remember that power comes from within, not from having a partner. Take time this week to spend with you and to remind yourself of your worth. 

Scorpio: House of the Self, Power, and Intensity. Ruled by Pluto.

  • Stress in dominating your life right now, Scorpio. You might be experiencing drama with a friend or a roommate. Although you are the sign of Self, it might be smart to take a step back and examine yourself. Ask yourself what’s more important: being right or being at peace? 

Sagittarius: House of Abundance, Growth, and Luck. Ruled by Jupiter. 

  • Sagittarius may feel like they are being overwhelmed by a million different tasks this week. Remember not to spread yourself too thin. This week might be good to do some self-care: get some exercise, take a bath, etc. Revitalize yourself before putting yourself fully back into your work.

Capricorn: House of Discipline, Health, and Well-Being. Ruled by Saturn. 

  • You may feel a sense of boredom this week, Capricorn. That doesn’t mean go be reckless, but thinks of this time as an opportunity to implement healthy habits into your everyday life. Reconnecting with old friends may be a good idea to get you back in the groove of things. 

Aquarius: House of Innovation, Creativity, and Individuality. Ruled by Uranus. 

  • With the full Moon in Virgo, Aquarius may have felt an intense wave of emotions. Take time to reground yourself. This may not be the best week for you, but remember to take care of yourself, spiritually and physically. There is always time to get back on the right track. 

Pisces: House of Intuition, Empathy, and Instinct. Ruled by Jupiter. 

  • Pisces has a lot on their plate this week. You may feel yourself being at ease with the amount of responsibilities you have, but do not take relaxation for granted. It is especially imperative that you take time for you. Even if that means removing yourself from the work you love just so that you don’t get overwhelmed, remember to keep calm. 


Mikayla Kamm is a digital tech. Contact her at [email protected]

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