Flash Studio opens door for video innovation at University Library


Interim Assistant Dean for Systems Mike Collura explaining how the new Flash Studio is operated on Jan. 29, 2018.

Maria McGinnis

The new Flash Studio at Kent State’s University Library makes it possible for anyone to record video regardless of their technological skill set.

The Flash Studio is equipped with a high-definition camera, microphone, video light and desktop control panel. The simplicity of the studio’s setup allows faculty and students with any level of video expertise to come to the studio to practice and record presentations.

Interim Assistant Dean for Systems, Mike Collura, has been working to promote the Flash Studio since its debut in November, 2018 at the Educational Elevated Technology Conference for faculty.

“The coolest technology is the recording capability and a flash drive is the key to using that,” Collura said. “All you have to do if you want to record is insert your flash drive into the control panel. [The computer] senses it’s there and relays to the video light and the camera and powers on.”

Individuals can record with visuals such as Powerpoint slides or utilize the backdrop curtain in the studio. The ability to record is only limited to the amount of storage on the flash drive.

“We’ve had a little feedback,” Collura said. “We’re going to add another video light just to brighten it up a little more, but generally it has been pretty well received.”

Reservations for the Flash Studio can be made online during library business hours or any time during the library’s operating hours. There are no reservations for the Flash Studio as it is available on a first come, first served basis.

“There are a number of courses we’re aware of where students are required to do video presentations and this gives them the opportunity to record it,” Collura said. “Faculty have used it to record lectures for online classes and students have used it for both schoolwork and personal things,”

“It’s a low-tech entrance point for doing video,” Collura said. “You don’t have to know how to set up a camera or lights. It’s basically plug-and-play.”

The Flash Studio will hold an open house this semester for anyone looking to know more or take advantage of the facilities.

(this link would be useful if we wanted to do a sidebar on how to use the studio, if not, then just delete.) https://intra.library.kent.edu/sites/intra.library.kent.edu/files/FlashStudioHandout.pdf

 Maria McGinnis is a technology reporter. Contact her at [email protected]