Super Smash Bros used to create bonded community

Students gathered in room 319 of the Student Center on Friday, Nov. 30 to compete in their weekly Super Smash Bros tournament.

Jenna Langan

Every Friday, the Kent State Smash Community gathers in the Student Center to compete against one another in some virtual fighting fun.

The group formed in Spring 2016 and has been holding tournaments on Kent State’s campus ever since.

“People show up, they hangout, bring food and just relax for awhile and then the tournament starts,” said Isaac Michel, a senior communications major and community outreach officer. “It’s some of the most relaxed fun you could have.”

The cost is $3 for venue, $5 for singles (for a game) and $5 doubles, but participants can pick and choose what they enter.

The group is creating a community that extends beyond Kent State.

“It’s been really cool to watch the scene grow so much while I’m just having fun playing games with my friends,” Michel said. “We have people come from Cleveland, Wooster, Akron and sometimes we get people from Pittsburgh.”

The group consistently interacts and hosts tournaments with Case Western Reserve University and the University of Akron.

Last year, the group held their biggest tournament yet at Case Western Reserve University.

“Once a semester we usually hold a very large tournament,” Michel said. “The last tournament we held there were 300 people and we had people from California coming.”

Students are using Super Smash Bros tournaments to get away from the stress of school and their busy lives.

“It’s one of my weekly detoxes that I regularly have done since I’ve been in college,” Michel said. “I’m not the best, I’ll admit it, but I still have tons of fun just hanging out with my friends.”

Although Super Smash Bros entails virtual fighting, it’s being used to form strong friendships and bonds.

“We all gather for the same reason, to play and enjoy Super Smash Bros,” said Jonathan Copas, a senior computer science major and club president. “I’ve met many close friends thanks to this game series.”

The Smash Community always strives to keep participants satisfied and having fun so they come back for more tournaments.

“My goal is to always accommodate and give to the club,” Copas said. “Without these students and the club, my life would be much less.” 

The group can be found on Facebook here.

Jenna Langan is the consumer tech reporter. Contact her at [email protected].