Native American Student Association to celebrate changing seasons

Robyn Berardi

The Native American Student Association (NASA) will be celebrating the transition from fall to winter with The Spiritual Changes of the Seasons event on Nov. 19.

“We are going to kind of offer up a prayer to nature and just really reflect on all of the things nature has given us,” said Lyric Aquino, a senior journalism and anthropology major and president of NASA.

The event will be from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. in Bowman Hall room 218.

It will focus on being thankful for what nature has provided and the importance nature and the seasons hold in Native American communities.

“Being able to be one with nature introduces you to a different type of energy,” Aquino said. “It’s something that Natives were in tune with for hundreds of thousands of years and it’s just so significant to the way of life, the way their society operates, but also the way that we as humans operate in general.”

Attendees will be able to write down the things they were grateful for this season and what they hope to see next season.

“We really just want to give people the opportunity to feel cleansed, to feel rejuvenated, to renew and be able to go into the next season … knowing what they want and knowing that they did everything they possibly could to set themselves up for a good season,” Aquino said.

For more information on this event, visit the NASA Facebook or Twitter pages.

 Robyn Berardi is a diversity reporter. Contact her at [email protected]