President Trump slides into notifications across the nation

Jenna Langan

Cell phones across America were alerted on Wednesday afternoon with a message from the federal government.

“Presidential Alert: THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed,” flashed across every screen in the country.

This was the first alert sent out from a nationwide system put in place by the federal government and cell phone carriers to inform Americans in the case of crisis.

The message came in a similar form to Amber Alerts for missing children or severe weather conditions.

The only difference with the presidential alert is that it is sent to every cell phone in the country and it can’t be turned off.

Messages that will be sent from this system are meant for warnings of critical, lifesaving information.

Even cell phones that aren’t activated or without SIM cards will receive these messages.

This alert has left some students feeling uneasy.

“I feel like it gives the government too much access to us and our privacy,” said Akii Butler, a senior journalism major.

The FCC claims to not collect data based on these alerts.

“I feel like it is unnecessary for the average American,” said Gwen Proctor, a freshman integrated social studies major. “Media and news will always cover important events.”

Even television and radio are being simultaneously blasted with the alert messages.

“It just reminds me of the Purge,” Proctor said. “I personally think this is more of Donald Trump’s ego and power complex than for concern for national safety.”

Many people resorted to Twitter to make a meme out of the federal message.

Jenna Langan is the consumer-tech reporter. Contact her at [email protected].