Kent State students share plans for first ever fall break


A tree in downtown Kent, Ohio shows its vibrant autumn colors on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015.

For the first time in Kent State history, students will experience a fall break this week. The break, which will be on Thursday and Friday, is designed to allow students to focus on work, mental health, homework or just relax and vacation.

Fall break was proposed in February 2017 by Provost Todd Diacon. His proposal was met with arguments from faculty, who were worried about the shortened semester.

To accommodate the break, Faculty Senate opted to shorten the fall semester, with classes starting on a Thursday instead of a Monday.

“I believe students would embrace a fall break, not as a vacation, but as a time to just catch a breath, prepare for midterms and all of the things that I think would help you be the best students you can be,” President Beverly Warren said in November after the proposal was announced.

Nicole Linn, a senior architecture major, is going home to West Palm Beach, FL.

“I’m used to only being able to go home for Thanksgiving and it’s really expensive to fly home,” Linn said. “But my flight for fall break wasn’t too expensive. I think fall break is going to add to my stress of being an architecture major. Whenever we have breaks they still expect us to do work, but I probably won’t work on anything.”

Hasan Mutlu, a senior actuarial mathematics major, is from Hudson and is looking forward to doing something over break.

“I haven’t decided what I’m going for fall break yet, but I’m definitely going somewhere to take advantage of the few days we have off,” Mutlu said. “At first I thought fall break was going to be pointless but now I like the idea of it. It’s really nice to have a fall break because on the weekend you still have homework to do so it’s not really a break.”

Carlin Costlan, a senior architecture major,will spend his break in Las Vegas.

“I don’t think fall break is going to be beneficial to my mental health,” Costlan said. “I’m drowning in work right now because we have a lot to do before fall break starts. But when I’m in Vegas I won’t be thinking about all the work I have to do.”

Sarah Jones, a sophomore economics major, is from Cuyahoga Falls. She is staying in the area because she has to work at Eastway over break.  

“It will be nice to get caught up in school and hang out,” Jones said. “I have work, so I’m not going anywhere terribly fun, but I hope to hang out with people.”

Logan Sommerfeld, a junior fashion merchandising major, is from Kalamazoo, Mich., and is spending her break working.

“I agree with the fall break because it is such a long span between when we start and Thanksgiving break, so I think it will be good for students who need to catch up,” said Sommerfeld.

Greg Markulis, a junior managerial marketing major, is staying in Kent to work over break.

“I am kind of looking forward to it because I’ll be able to work a little bit more, but I’m not doing much other than working.”

Morgan Santoro, a graduate student of public health, is excited to have a break so she can go to a concert in Columbus.

“It’s really nice to have a couple extra days off,” Santoro said. “I like fall break because it has given me a great opportunity to go on a trip that I wouldn’t be able to go on if we didn’t have a break. It’s easy to get stressed out in the fall because you don’t get a lot days off. You get a break off at Labor Day and then it’s a marathon to Thanksgiving because you don’t get a break in between.”

Pamela Grimm, the associate professor and chair of faculty senate, will be spending her fall break at a conference.

“I am going to the Association for Consumer Research Conference to present a paper,” Grimm said. “I would be going to the conference even if we didn’t have fall break so it’s not really affecting me. I think it will be helpful for freshman because they will be able to go home and all students will be able to take a break.”

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