The Summer 10 Classic Mixtape Volume 1

“No Drama” cover art courtesy of RCA (Radio Corporation of America).

Brandon Wilson

1. Tinashe Ft. Offset — “No Drama”

Tinashe is not new to making hits for the summer.  She emerged on the music scene back in 2014 with her debut album Aquarius which featured the smash hits “2 On” and “Pretend.” She has since recorded two more albums, “Nightride” and the newly released “Joyride.” “No Drama,” produced by the legendary production duo Stargate is one of those feel-good songs. From the start, listeners are greeted by horns and there is a great beat to signal that Tinashe is here to bring a summer anthem. The endless piano loops and double taps of the drums flow smoothly and Tinashe’s vocals are fresh and soothing. You can grab a Mai Tai and relax during the vocals and get your groove on during Offset’s energetic lyrical verse. There is indeed “No Drama” listening to this song and the song is sure to keep your summer full of feel good vibes.

2. Drake — “Nice for What”

Drake returns with a song for the summer full of witty lyrical wordplay. When it comes to releasing summer anthems, Drake never disappoints. Listening to this song is like being transported back in the 90’s with its addictive hip-hop beats. The Lauryn Hill samples make this a classic summer anthem and fitting for the female empowerment theme of the song. This song further ramps up the anticipated levels for his new album “Scorpion” which is scheduled to be released this summer.

3. Kanye West — “Yikes”

Every summer there is one song that grabs your attention with a beat so catchy and infectious that it makes you want to let loose on the dance floor. Kanye delivers a summer hit that is guaranteed to get clubs rocking. The song shares the same energetic vibe as his song “Blood on the Leaves.” Kanye is known for producing epic soundscapes and this is no exception. I’m sure this song will be playing at cookouts, parties and clubs all summer long.

4. Diplo Ft. French Montana, Lil Pump & Zhavia Ward — “Welcome to The Party”

Summer parties are epic and full of good fun. Producers and artists know how to bring the party. Diplo has produced for a variety of artists from many different music genres, like Beyoncé’s “Hold Up” from her classic album Lemonade and M.I.A’s “Paper Planes.” Diplo is also part of the groups Major Lazer and Jack U with popular EDM artist Skrillex. For this song, Diplo brings a summer party banger to get your summer parties lit with help from friends. French Montana and Lil Pump provide catchy rap flows while Zhavia Ward lays down the backgrounds to bring us a party anthem.

5. Maroon 5 Ft. Cardi B — “Girls Like You”

Maroon 5 has done it again with another song to sing at the top your lungs in cars during summer days and nights. Adam Levine, the lead singer, and the rest of the band mean business when it comes to crafting summer tunes. Maroon 5 have released chart topping summer anthems before such as “Moves Like Jagger,” “Animals” and “What Lovers Do.” “Girls Like You” is for anyone who wants to kick back and let the good musical vibes flow. Adam Levine’s vocals flow perfectly and the hook just comes at you with the panache of witnessing a great cinematic movie moment in history. The song is quite the audio experience. Cardi B is in top form as always and brings her hardcore lyrics to a song that is sure to generate countless radio plays and provide many classic summer memories. The video for the song is full of female celebrities making appearances and is fantastic to watch.

6. Martin Garrix Ft. Dua Lipa — “Scared to Be Lonely”

Relaxation, Summer Nights and Karaoke are the words to describe this summer banger from Martin Garrix. Martin Garrix has made a name for himself in the EDM music scene and produced many chart-topping hits. He always brings the energy at events like the Ultra Music Festival. “Scared to Be Lonely” aims to relax you with Dua Lipa’s soothing vocals and get you on your feet dancing because of Garrix’s crafty music production. The song is also great to sing at karaoke with friends and perfect to listen to while staring at the summer night sky and gazing at the stars. Many nights will be fueled by this great song and Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa will be right there to sing along with you.

7. Haim — “Want You Back”

The Haim Sisters released “Want You Back” in May of 2017 and the song became the soundtrack to the summer for many. It was the first single from their second album “Something to Tell You.” These ladies know how to bring good summer vibes and the song and video are evidence of that. Their concerts and drum set-piece is a thing of pure amazement. It is one of those songs that brings a cool, laid-back vibe. The Haim Sisters provide soft vocals to elevate the song to superb levels and the chorus is like a night at your favorite dance shack. The drums on this summer banger are pure audio gold alongside the pianos. All the instruments in the song are a hodgepodge of greatness. Haim is a band to watch out for many years to come with various styles incorporated into their albums, from rhythm and blues, rock, hip-hop and pop. This song is a summer anthem, without a question The formula Haim used to create this great summer jam left me wanting more.

8. N.E.R.D. — “Sooner or Later”

“Sooner or Later” is a brilliant musical work of art by the band N.E.R.D., which features popular rapper and producer Pharrell. N.E.R.D has generated a massive fan base over the years, thanks in part to the band’s impressive list of songs like “Lapdance” and last year’s club anthem, “Lemon.” Pharrell’s vocals give the song a summery vibe, while beautiful background vocals and instruments add another dimension to this groovy summer hit. Upon listening to the song, I was not prepared for the dramatic beat change. Picasso and Michelangelo created amazing works of art and I say the production on this is like the Picassos and Michelangelos of music. There is no other greater feeling than enjoying the summer weather while listening to the greatest beat change to come from a N.E.R.D. production. “Sooner or Later” is the song you can replay all summer.

9. Post Malone Ft. Swae Lee — “Spoil My Night”

When Post Malone dropped Go Flex back in 2016, excitement peaked and this summer Post Malone released the highly anticipated second album Beerbongs and Bentleys, an album full of summer bangers. “Spoil My Night” opens with a smooth piano opening and then throws you right into a party beat. You know the song is doing its job when it makes you dance at your office cubicle, or at the traffic light in your car or walking down the street on a beautiful day. Post Malone, with the help of Swae Lee’s vocals, bring the summer anthem that will definitely be a party favorite.  This song is like the wild sibling of Post Malone’s party anthem “Go Flex.” Play this song at your next party, cookout and all summer to have a good time.

10. Bebe Rexha Ft. Florida Georgia Line — “Meant to Be”

Bebe Rexha delivers the country music song of the summer, which features country music superstars Florida Georgia Line. Bebe gained recognition with her many collaborations, including one with rapper G-Eazy for the song “Me, Myself and I.” Bebe wastes no time displaying her beautiful vocals to the soundscape of the song. It’s a hit with the country music fan base and music fanatics from all walks of life. When I first heard the song I was grooving along to the smooth beat and got the same vibes as when I listened to Florida Georgia Line’s song “Cruise” a few summers back. The pianos and the vocals are perfectly in sync and give listeners the feeling of cracking a cold one and enjoying the summer weather. The chorus is catchy and sure to make summer road trips memorable and fun.

Brandon Wilson is a digital correspondent. Contact him at [email protected].