Apartment leases in the summertime

Natalie Eusebio

Once classes end and students move out of the dorms, one would wonder what the tenants of apartments do.

Does a student decide to stay in Kent during the duration of their lease? Or do they find someone to take over their lease and head home for the summer?

Depending on the apartment complex, leases can last different durations.

For junior childhood education major Missy Booher, her lease at Eagles Landing, located on Morris Road, lasted an entire twelve months.

However, for junior deaf education major Caulyn Crawford, her lease at University Edge, located on Rhodes Road, was one month shorter, ending after eleven months of rent.

Booher’s lease at Eagles Landing will be ending in May, and she will be moving home for the summer before moving into a different apartment in August.

“I lived here last year,” said Booher. “I signed a twelve-month lease because I wanted to live in Kent for the summer.”

However, not everyone has the same ease as Booher when handling their living situation.

This was Crawford’s second year living in University Edge.

Crawford decided not to sublease her apartment last summer. Instead, Crawford used the space for storage.

Crawford is originally from Bakersfield, California, so moving back and forth can be a burden.

“I just locked my door and left for three months. I didn’t want to sublease last summer because I kept all my stuff here,” said Crawford.

“This year I’m just moving out in May and paying the last two months because it’s so complicated to sublease,” Crawford said.

Crawford is planning to drive back home at some point in May, she does not have an exact date picked out, and she felt it would be easier to have her own schedule. If she decided to sublease, she would have had to be out of her apartment by a certain date.

Crawford will only be at Kent State for the fall semester next year due to her program.

“I’m just living in a dorm next semester because it is easier than finding a sublease,” Crawford said.

Emily Verhovitz, a senior geology major at Kent State, found subleasing to be difficult.

“I would love to sublease but it’s pretty much impossible in Kent with so many other apartments available and students trying to do the same thing,” Verhovitz said.

Verhovitz lives in Summit Hill apartments on Summit Street.

“The rates are competitive and there’s not much I can do about my rate or the fact that my apartment is unfurnished,” said Verhovitz.