Kent State prepares for Mini Maker Faire

Conor Battles

Kent State students, organizations and community members will fill the University Library’s first floor with a variety of artistic and scientific creations at the fifth annual Mini Maker Faire Friday, April 13.

A maker faire is a showcase of creative projects across a variety of fields, including art, science and technology. In the past, exhibitors have presented everything from an air-powered t-shirt cannon to a system that recycles and reuses materials from a 3-D printer.

“Kent State has had a thriving maker culture for some time, and it’s continually evolving,” Library Makerspaces Manager Hilary Kennedy said. “This is just a really great opportunity to highlight that.”

In addition to the exhibits on display at the library’s Garden Room, the Mini Maker Faire will extend into the Spark Innovation Studio at the Schwartz Center. Workshops and guided tours of the university’s available maker spaces will also be provided.

Exhibitors for this year’s faire include individual students, student organizations and university departments such as the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. As many as 40 exhibits are expected.

Kennedy said that since design innovation is a fundamental part of the university’s recently enacted 10-year plan, events like the Mini Maker Faire play a pivotal role in advancing creative design across the university.

“A maker can be anything from a handmade craftsman to a high-tech engineer,” Kennedy said. “It really encompasses all kinds of innovation, all of it is considered making and it should all be celebrated.”

Conor Battles is the CCI and libraries reporter. Contact him at [email protected].