REVIEW: ‘Black Panther’ shines as a thrilling, must-see masterpiece

Black Panther movie poster

Black Panther movie poster

Alex Novak

The highly anticipated “Black Panther” is the most unique superhero yet in the expanding Marvel universe.

The movie is exhilarating from the moment it begins onscreen, taking the audience into an epic story of bloodlines along the themes of family, royalty and loyalty.

Director Ryan Coogler brings to life the comic book world of Wakanda through an all-star cast and advanced technology.

The movie focuses on the superhero Black Panther, new king T’Challa, who comes to realize the powerful resources his kingdom possesses and how they must serve a global purpose, while facing the challenge of protecting his homeland.

After the death of King T’Chaka in a terrorist attack in which T’Challa fails to save him, he is to be crowned successor and become the new king. With the strong support of his mother, sister, past lover Nakia and best friend W’Kabi, he is able to heartfully take on his new role and its calling.

“My son, it is your time,” comforts Ramonda, his mother. Then with that, this cool cat must calmly proceed to face the pressure of ruling and protecting Wakanda.

He is unready to let go of his father; however, he remains somewhat afraid of the road ahead, unsure of himself. He is conflicted on whether it is right to follow the tradition of keeping their resources from the rest of the world when they could help solve many of its problems.

“Stand up; you are a king,” implores his father during a dream-like dive into the previous king’s pasture, ultimately fueling the Panther’s strength to begin his rule.

Undoubtedly, one of the most memorable and exciting cinematic experiences in theaters and one of the best modern superhero films, it makes for the ultimate movie-going experience.

It is the ultimate thrill ride on every level — action-packed from start to finish — as it delivers twists and turns that explore the consequences of one’s actions.

Whenever there is a new king, for example, the path to the throne becomes open to anyone who wishes to challenge the heir in one-on-one combat. These scenes, set on the edge of a waterfall, bring the excitement on full blast as they dazzle with breathtaking visuals and move the story’s feel and flow compellingly.

The greatest accomplishment that this beautifully designed film does is that it weaves so many themes together in its subject matter so seamlessly. Mainly, it explores in-depth humanitarianism from a world leader’s perspective through Wakanda and the choices it will make with its advanced items.

Additionally, it incorporates a grand-scale celebration of African culture through its diverse representation and further adds an underlying string of empowered female characters.

It calls its audience to action. In a currently divisive political climate, it urges the importance of activism by taking part in doing what is right for the world even when it carries some risks along the way. 

This movie is innovative and original in every single aspect of its production to the smallest details. A true marvel in cinema and a vastly impressive masterpiece, stay for this one from the moment the lights go out until the credits stop rolling.

Alex Novak is an entertainment reviewer. Contact him at [email protected].