REVIEW: nothing,nowhere. creates the emo rap you’ve been waiting for with “REAPER”


nothing, nowhere

Adrian Leuthauser

There is very little information about artist and producer nothing,nowhere. other than he is from Massachusetts and the artist emerged from the online music community of SoundCloud.

nothing,nowhere. remains as mysterious as possible that even their biography on Equal Vision Records’ website has “no bio available for this artist.”

This is why perhaps nothing,nowhere. could more than likely garner a following that catapults them into being the next big thing. Their debut album “REAPER” coalesces the sound and style into one big puddle for you to drown in.

If you reach into the artist’s basket of genres you’ll pull out anything from trap, hip-hop, emo, alternative pop, mere hints of punk, sprinkled with atmospheric and drawn-out sleepy synths.

This blend of genres is showcased through the nine-track album as it opens with “houdini.” Eerie and foggy guitars are supplemented with slow, yet heavy beats that gives it the dark, inky, hip-hop vibe.

Similar to Linkin Park’s style of hip-hop, punk style, nothing,nowhere. pens somber lyrics as he raps about addiction, heartbreak, longing and what we might feel when we think back about our past. But don’t let the lyrics deter you from thinking that nothing, nowhere. can’t rap.

“clarity in kerosene” showcases his depressing and fast-paced raps as he hits each word with a knife saying, “roll around with that chip on my shoulder, I told myself that it would change when I’m older, but it’s getting harder and I swear to God that if I had the chance I would take all the moments I spent steady waiting and losing my patience. You f—ed with my head, know that I couldn’t take it.”

The lyrics grow darker in “skully,” as he emotionally raps “one day you’ll meet your maker, and you’ll see your life was wasted. The reaper creeping slow — I know you see him when you’re dreaming.”

The chorus goes even further as he harshly sings, “leave my body by the liquor store. I’m an asshole; let me die slow. It’s too late for me. Can’t you f—ing see? I dug my own grave. Let me f—ing be,” to the point that I wonder if these are just lyrics or a silent scream for help.

What really sends a single chill down your spine though is not the unique sound and style nothing, nowhere. has, but rather the fact their morbid lyrics are hauntingly honest.

Each track has its own theme, but they all are attached by the strings of depression, and he writes in such a calming and dark manner that even though they are bleak, you can’t help but feel a little less alone.


Release date: Oct. 20, 2017

Rating: A-

Check out: “skully”






Adrian Leuthauser is a general assignment reporter. Contact him at [email protected].