Students move and groove into new campus homes

A group of Movers and Groovers pose for a portrait outside Olson Hall on Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017. Movers and Groovers helped students move in to their dorm rooms.

Jack Kopanski

For freshman McDaniel Hartranft, the red-shirt volunteers helping her move into her dorm made the transition to college a little bit easier.

“For me, I’m outgoing when other people are outgoing … but I just didn’t know what to expect when I got here,” said Hartranft, a journalism major. “So for them to be like, ‘Hey we like your outfit, we’re happy you’re here,’ that made me so much more confident in the fact that I can do this.”

Hartranft spoke in reference to the estimated 900 Movers and Groovers who carried boxes, laundry and students’ things into their new homes.

The volunteers remained available to any student coming to campus throughout freshmen move-in day, the Thursday before classes.

The group, which began in the 1970s, is also a prime source of information for new students and encourages them to ask questions. Nicolette Davis, a senior public health major and Mover and Groover, said every freshman has questions, but “they’re probably too afraid to ask.” She encouraged fellow volunteers to “let them know every question is not stupid,” and that students shouldn’t be afraid to ask.

While move-in day comes with its fair share of nerves, it was also filled with excitement. Seeing new students is one thing first-time Moover and Groover Kelsey Smith enjoyed most.

“Seeing all the new people and seeing them very excited about moving in is fun,” said Smith, a junior nursing major. “You take a lot away from it; you’re helping out and you were in this place before, so you know how people are feeling. Nervous moving in, wanting to meet new people and it’s nice to have the help.”

Residence Services Executive Director Jill Jenkins said this is exactly what the group is for. She emphasized how excited she sees parents get when they see Movers and Groovers.

“It’s well received,” Jenkins said. “It’s a great way to welcome students to Kent State and for them to get to meet students that are already here.”

Many Movers and Groovers encouraged incoming freshmen to get involved and enjoy their time on campus.

“Take everything in,” Abbie Schnably, a senior exercise science major and Mover and Groover, said. “Don’t think about what’s going to happen next. Take a moment, just look around, see what’s going on because you’re gonna miss this.”

Jack Kopanski is the general assignment editor, contact him at [email protected].