Portage County’s Maj. Missimi resigns due to sexual harassment allegations

Photo of Dennis Missimi from the Portage County Sheriffs Office website.

Photo of Dennis Missimi from the Portage County Sheriff’s Office website.

Lydia Taylor

Maj. Dennis Missimi of the Portage County Sheriff’s Office resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment.

Portage County Sheriff David Doak said the situation was brought to his attention a little over a week ago, and he decided to launch an investigation.

After two women, one who works within the office and another who is a non-agency worker, filed sexual harassment complaints against Missimi, Doak assigned a detective to the case.

Missimi resigned on May 26 because of the allegations, Doak said.

“It’s very difficult for everyone involved,” Doak said. “When issues like this come up, I have a duty and an obligation to push my personal feelings aside and deal with the situation at hand.”

Doak said there will be a few complications when it comes to finding a replacement, such as budget issues.

In the meantime, Maj. Dale Kelly will replace Missimi. 

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