Ravenna council takes action against loitering

Chip Reid

The amount of people frequenting the streets at odd hours and important locations in Ravenna has increased to a point where the city is deciding to take action and getting to police department more involved. 

0419_NC_PKG_RavennaCity from KentWired.com on Vimeo.

On Tuesday, merchants gathered at the Ravenna City Hall to discuss the issue of residents loitering and panhandling. 

“For rebuilding Ravenna, we have a lot of groups out there who are making conscious efforts to the Main Street Project, to different events on Main Street,” city councilwoman Amy Michael said. “I feel what’s important is that we nip it in the butt now before it gets a little out of control.”

When asked what the biggest goal is for the actions being taken, Michael said, “Working together and making Ravenna even better. I think by this step of the business owners working together, when you have teamwork and unity you have a much more successful ending.”

The Ravenna police have to be very careful when cracking down on issues like panhandling and loitering because some cities have been sued over such ordinances for violating the rights to free speech and assembly. 

Chip Reid is a TV2 reporter, contact him at [email protected].