Kent State grieves loss of beloved dining services staffer


Marcia Drake passed away Oct. 13, 2016. Drake was a dining services employee at Kent State University.

Gael Reyes

Students knew Marcia Ann Drake as a constant friendly face at the Kent Market registers. Drake, 62, passed away from a stroke on Oct. 13.

A brief observation of the registers at the Kent Market prove how well-loved Drake was with many students.

Bonnie Moore worked with Drake for over five years. Moore took note of Drake’s warm personality.

“Marcia was a very loving and caring person,” Moore said. “Marcia loved all the students. She got along with everyone, (and) was just a very joyful person.”

According to her obituary, Drake worked with the mentally and physically challenged during her free time. 

Funeral services for Drake were held at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church on Oct. 18. Drake is survived by her son Kyle and her two sisters, Vilura and Carla.

Friends and family can offer condolences or send arrangements to EF Boyd & Son Funeral Home.

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