A Mag’s Do’s and Don’ts: Landing That ‘Big Kid’ Job

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Ask the right questions. Be conscious of your body language. Proofread your darn resume.

These are the tips engrained in our heads from applying to part-time jobs at our local movie theaters to the ever-impending thought of applying for real life jobs. It’s a scary thought – it seems like yesterday we were just Googling “How long before my leftovers go bad?”

No, seriously, I Googled that yesterday.

Time to grow up, people, and start “adulting.” A Magazine breaks down our foolproof tips on landing that big kid job.


Know at least two important things about your prospective company. If you know what sustainability actually means, use that in full measure. If you’re applying at the Huffington Post, mention how amazing it is that employees are allowed to nap on the job. Pick up some interesting facts about the company by doing some hard research maybe more than five minutes before you sit down. Standout efforts will show you do care about the position you’re applying for.

Have a trusted friend or mentor proofread everything for you. They’ll be able to pick out the fact you included your high school ACT scores and that you misspelled your name on the cover letter. Before you send anything to anyone, print out a few copies and ask for a favor. Your family or professors have likely more experience than you. It’s better to admit you need help than to take something like a job interview on your own.

Represent what you’d look like if you were hired. On your way to a walk-in interview? Wear approachable colors, simple and clean makeup, but don’t be afraid to accessorize in a way that represents your personality. On Skype? Your interviewer is likely to only see the top half of you – do your hair for once, check to make sure there’s nothing in your teeth, and get some nice lighting.


Forget to wear pants. Skype interviews are great – but what happens if your interviewer asks for something you’ve written down across the room? Yeah, it’d be awesome to brag to your boss you were hired in your boxers – if you end up landing the job. It’s a big deal to employers that you’re prepared. Have everything you need in front of you, like a copy of your resume and a few tabs pulled up from the company’s website.

Forget about your social media. Clean it up. Nobody wants to see that. And yeah, they’re totally Googling you, too.

Think you’re finished after your interview ends. You’ve heard to “follow-up” before,but what does that even mean? Are you being annoying by sending an email, a voicemail and a handwritten note? No, but play it cool. Express your gratitude for their time. Ask the questions you know you’re pondering because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Make sure your voice is heard after everything is over. Lastly, breathe. You’re totally going to nail this.