Out of The Darkness campus walk to raise awareness for suicide

Jailyn Menefee

The Out of The Darkness campus walk will start at Risman Plaza from 1-6 p.m. on Saturday to raise money for research, suicide prevention programs and educational programs in order to inform others on how to spot the signs for suicide in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSPF).

AFSP hosts nationwide walks to raise money for suicide prevention and to support survivors of suicide walks. There are 83 AFSP chapters around the

Participants of the walk can create their own team of friends and family and raise money on their own to give to the event.

Alana Kakias—a junior business management major—said she has gotten a team of her Alpha Phi sisters together to walk for her late sister, who passed away from suicide.

“My sister passed away from suicide five years ago ,so after that happened, (my) family (and I) have been doing walks every year for the Out of the Darkness suicide prevention,” Kakias said. “Many members of the community have connections to suicide. Giving people the option to raise money by doing their own fundraiser lets people fundraise for lost family members but still giving back to the foundation.”

Jailyn Menfee is the social sciences reporter for The Kent Stater, contact her at [email protected].