Best of Kent: Best Burger

A cheeseburger at Bar 145 on Monday, April 18, 2016.

First Place – Bar 145 

Bar 145 moved to the first-place ranking this year, up from third place in 2015. Rob Kite, the general manager at Bar 145, accredited the ranking to the freshness of the burgers.

“Everything here is made of scratch and nothing is ever frozen. Everything we use is fresh,” Kite said. “We know we have the best burger in Kent and it really starts with the ingredients.”

When asked what being nominated meant to him and everyone at Bar 145, he said: “You know, it’s an honor. It lets us know all of the hard work we put into this is paying off.”

Second Place – Ray’s Place 

The Ray’s Place menu of 11 burgers ranked second in this year’s Best of Kent. Charlie Thomas, owner of Ray’s since 1978, said that the way they make their burgers makes them the best.

“I don’t know exactly how other people do it, but we charbroil ours,” Thomas. “We don’t use a flat top griddle.”

Ray’s menu includes the classics, like bacon cheeseburgers and hamburgers, as well as some twists on the classic burger, like a Mexican burger, Italian burger and an ‘Atomic’ burger. 

Third Place – Five Guys 

Five Guys, the nationwide burger chain, has been serving burgers in Kent since 2010. Patrick McMillan, the general manager at Five Guys, said that its pathway to success was its consistency.

“The best thing that Five Guys does is that it always provides a consistent product,” McMillan said. “When you have it over a long time, from year-to-year-to-year it really shows that we’re maintaining that consistency.” 

He also listed other reasons that set the establishment apart.

“I think being able to customize it the way you want it is the best thing that separates us,” McMillan said. “The atmosphere … is always upbeat and inviting. It isn’t a crapshoot; every time you come in, it’s the same product.”