Opinion: Making fun of Donald Trump has no value


Jacob Ruffo is a junior journalism major and columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected]

Jacob Ruffo

People love making fun of Donald Trump. Why? He’s just a regular guy running for president; he doesn’t even have a political background. He doesn’t use Super-PACs and he speaks his mind. He is truly a champion of the common man.

However, people find the need to post jokes about him on the Internet, which is okay. It’s their right, after all, to make mediocre content on a public forum. Why? He’s clearly already funny. He has a great tan, he has great hair and he absolutely roasts the other candidates on Twitter.

Trump doesn’t need people to make fun of him to be funny; he just is funny. I will laugh at something he does for hours before I laugh at a joke about Trump someone makes. You wouldn’t climb on stage during a stand-up comedian’s set and try to make jokes with him, would you? It’s the same thing, the Trump jokes are so unfunny and stale at this point that they are taking away from the real humor.

He also clearly doesn’t care what you peons have to say about him. He will roast you like a marshmallow if he catches you making fun of him. At a rally where  Trump brought up the idea of abolishing food stamps, a man stood up and called him greedy. How rude. Security grabbed him and escorted him out. On his way out, into the microphones, Trump ripped him up: “You know, it’s crazy. I mention food stamps and that guy, who is seriously overweight, went crazy.” Devastating.

Here’s another question for you: How fun was making fun of the first season of Jersey Shore? It was great; it wasn’t even real TV. It was just ignorant orange people yelling and causing huge chaotic scenes. It’ll be over soon.

Now, how fun was making fun of season five of Jersey Shore? Not fun, at all. It wasn’t the fresh, new orange thing anymore. It was firmly entrenched in the spot, and making fun of it got old because the jokes about it stayed exactly the same. You could not like it, but your criticisms of it didn’t make it go anywhere. It was there to stay. Here in the tenth month of Trump’s campaign, there’s nothing left to say that could possibly deter him or change what he is doing.

Yeah, I know, Trump once knew a person who got a dog at a breeder who sold German shepherds, and German shepherds are German and Hitler was German, so Trump is Hitler. However, flooding my timeline with Trump memes is a little passé at this point, don’t you think?

Jacob Ruffo is a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].