Students of PARTA

Senior Criminal Justice major Ariel Schaefer. Nov. 9, 2015.

Rachel Duthie

Inspired by Humans of New York, The Kent Stater took the opportunity to explore the diverse stories of students riding on the Campus Loop Bus.


As a criminal justice major, how do you feel about Ferguson and other events surrounding police brutality?

Ariel Schaefer, senior Criminal Justice major: I wanted to be a police officer, but recent events have scared me. It got too real. I don’t think that these killings are justified, I don’t think they are necessary, but at the same time, I’m not there. I can’t feel what they are feeling. It’s a hard situation to think about, and I tend to stray away from it, but I can definitely tell you one thing: I do not want to be a police officer anymore.

What’s your favorite book, and how did it inspire you to study literature in the future?

Elise Hart, sophomore English major: My favorite book is Ghost Girl by Torey L. Haden. It’s about the true story of this special education teacher who has a student who really shouldn’t be in the program, but there is definitely something wrong. She finds out she has been getting abused, and she figures out how to save this kid. I want to be a teacher someday. I want to help people, and learn the psychology behind helping people. This book put me where I am today.


What’s the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make?


Nick Hunter, sophomore Journalism major: I was born with a genetic medical condition called cystic fibrosis, and it has caused breathing problems throughout my life. These past couple of years I have been working up to be put on a list for a lung transplant. A year ago when I had to sign the paperwork, to decide to officially go on the list and have the potential of having my entire life be put on hold to do it, I’d say that was the hardest decision I ever had to make.

What do you miss about you hometown of Beijing, and what do you like here?

Yutong Xia, freshman Marketing major: Coming here was a big change. The weather is a big, big change. There is bad weather here. American people are so friendly, however. They always say hello. But what I miss the most is the food in China. Wow Bao is so-so.


What are you passionate about?

Freshman Konstantinos Kasamias: While I’m undecided, I’m leaning towards public health. I want to help people in hospitals and make them better. I find that very rewarding. My mother is always caring for people, and I feel like I take after her in a way. Both my parents came here as immigrants so they know how to work hard and treat others well. It’s been embedded in me to make people better, if that makes sense.