Warren launches Season of Philanthropy project

Ian Flickinger

Kent State President Beverly Warren announced the start of the Season of Philanthropy on Giving Tuesday.

Warren said she will personally duplicate any gift that’s valued up to $25,000 on Dec. 1, which is a globally recognized day to promote the general welfare of others.

In addition to Warren’s pledge, the university announced three additional donations:

Intercollegiate Athletics

An anonymous $20,000 donation and a $5,000 match by men’s basketball coach Rob Senderoff for any men’s basketball gifts

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

A total of $13,500 in matching gifts from the college’s faculty and staff

Porthouse Theatre

An undisclosed donation from the Hackett Family Foundation

The university has participated in the project in the last two years, but Warren’s decision to match any donation will have a greater effect than in years past: Her gift will go to the Distinctive Kent State Fund, which helps support the different facets of the university.

“I have witnessed an abundance of heartfelt generosity here at Kent State,” Warren said in a university press release. “It’s in this spirit that I have chosen to make a personal pledge this holiday season. I hope to inspire a tradition of giving that will advance a distinctive Kent State for years to come.”

The president encourages students, staff and alumni to give back and to use the hashtag #IGiveBevGives to help spread the word.

Ian Flickinger is the administration reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected]