“Kiss on the K” named wildest Homecoming tradition by online magazine


Electa Royal and Alex Vasquez, students at Kent State, kiss amidst other couples during Kiss on the K in Risman Plaza on October 3, 2015.

Danielle Minor

The Lala, an online magazine, recently named Kent State one of its “Six Schools with the Wildest Homecoming Traditions” for its annual “Kiss on the K.”

During the event, all couples who met at Kent State are invited to the “K” on Risman Plaza during Homecoming to kiss at 12:30 p.m. as the library bells ring.

The tradition began in 2010, and was created by Carrie Circosta, the associate director, alumni relations for international programs for the Alumni Association.  

“Carrie created the event after the Student Center, (Risman) plaza renovations were finished in 2010,” said Joy Wesoloski, the assistant director, Outreach for the Alumni Association. “At that time, President Lefton was encouraging everyone from students, faculty and staff to have events that featured that space.”

During the event, there are multiple honorary couples who were chosen from various nominations. This year’s couples included current students and alumni.

Jarrett and Lindsey Duke, who both graduated from Kent State in 2005, were an honorary couple who had a total Kent themed wedding. The Kent-inspired wedding included everything from painting the rock the night before the wedding, having the wedding in the ballroom and even having the after-party at Ray’s Place.

“Kent State holds a special place in our hearts and we love to see how the campus is evolving,” Lindsey Duke said.  

The event is evolving each year. For the past two years acapella group, the Kent Clarks, sing love songs during the event and even President Beverly Warren has attended.  

Right before 12:30 p.m., everyone gears up and counts down 10 seconds right before the big kiss.

“It’s current students to older alumni and it’s kind of fun to see a bunch of different people share something in common,” Wesoloski said. “Hearing (everyone’s) stories is also exciting. Not only do they have Kent State excitement, this place holds a special place in their (the participants) hearts.”

Danielle Minor is the alumni reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].