Alumni Association hosts Legacy Family Brunch


Alumni gather for a group photo in the Student Center after a brunch for alumni and their legacies on Saturday, Sept.12, 2015.

Danie Minor

Kent State University’s Alumni Association held a Legacy Family Brunch Sunday inviting families who currently have a legacy attending KSU.

Families were able to tell their stories of their time spent at KSU as alumni sat with each other allowing them to talk to one-another while legacies connected.

Legacies were asked to walk up to a podium to indicate which family member they were attending the brunch with. While some students were nervous, other students ran up to the podium and were able to name countless generations that had gone to KSU before them.

Nancy Schiappa, Alumni Association’s Director of Outreach and Engagement said having a legacy at your alma matter as “a feather in your cap”.

“(During the brunch) I think the parents of the students enjoyed seeing that camaraderie, that family atmosphere that we tried to make,” said Dennis Watson, Alumni Association’s Assistant Director, Student and Recent Graduate Program Alumni Relations.  

Watson said having multiple legacies within the room at one-time shows the positive growth that Kent State is undergoing each year.

“My parents feel proud that I’m here,” freshman exploratory major Hannah Hall said. “The fact that they met here means a lot to my family because without them, I wouldn’t be here.”