Opinion: Love of God and others


Alexis Wohler

Alexis Wohler

Many of us long for love, whether it’s the love of a parent, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or just the love of a friendship. With any relationship, there should be love.

Once a relationship starts, there should automatically be the trust factor between the boyfriend and girlfriend. The boyfriend should make the effort to love, trust and understand anything and everything about his girlfriend. He needs to let her know that he loves her, and it’s not just by buying gifts, either. He should tell her every moment that he loves and cares about her. You never know when God could call any one of us home.

In any relationship, there should be that mutual trust and respect for one another. If anyone has a problem with someone, remember the most important thing is to talk it out calmly with the person. There is that rule of never walking away or going to bed angry. I think that goes double in a relationship. Everyone deserves a chance to calm down before they talk something out in a relationship. But if anyone lets something boil over for too long, it could potentially ruin the relationship. There’s also that rule of being careful what you say.

If you love someone, you always stick by him or her, no matter what they go through. It is a two-way-street for both the boyfriend and the girlfriend. You understand their feelings and help them when they’re stressed. Make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel like they can talk to you about anything. Give them strength and calm their fears to conquer whatever comes their way.

Never let them walk through their journey alone. If they say that they can walk through a situation that they’re going through alone, never let them walk it alone — always be there for them through anything. Lending them your strength during the difficult times will make them love you even more and will give them the strength to go on through anything, whether it’s school or life in general. The boyfriend and the girlfriend should always try to make his or her significant other feel like the most special person in the world.

Taking care of each other is a two-way-street, too. As long as both of them are completely committed to each other, if one of them is sick, the boyfriend or the girlfriend should help make each other feel better. They should make each other smile when they’re having a hard day, and they can easily make their significant other’s heart soar by surprising them by showing up at school unexpectedly or giving them flowers.

Everyone longs to be loved and to have the friendship and relationship with someone who knows them better than anyone else. There is nothing wrong with longing for and searching for that type of everlasting love. Just make sure you find the right person. Never give up on your dreams of finding the right person. Once you find them, you’ll know.