How KSU students are spending their Valentine’s Day

KIC poster advertising the February bonding event where students made cards for staff members.

Camryn Kocher Reporter

What better day than Valentine’s Day to spend with your significant other or friends? This year is particularly special because of the current pandemic, so students need to adjust and find new ways to spend the holiday together.

Senior art education major Miranda Evans has been with her significant other for over two years. “We usually would go out to dinner and dress up, but because of COVID we started cooking,” she said. “Now we just cook and eat a bunch.”

Evans plans to make a homemade fettuccine alfredo recipe that her grandmother taught her, paired with a bottle of honey mead wine and chocolate lava cake for dessert.

Jesse Rennu, a sophomore VCD major, has been with his significant other for three years and their anniversary is three days after Valentine’s Day. “I think the holiday is over romanticized, but really cool,” Rennu said.

Finding love can be difficult for singles and couples in long distance relationships. The recent rise in COVID-19 cases will impact social interaction and cause people to stay quarantined. “A lot of my friends are single. My one friend had a first date and ended up getting COVID from him, so I would say it’s a struggle,” Evans said.

Couples like Rennu and his significant other are in a long-distance relationship. They will spend Valentine’s Day virtually on a Discord call while playing video games together. “My boyfriend lives in Alabama; long distance is easy if you love the person, and I always cannot wait to visit him.”

Not every person has a partner or friend to spend the special holiday with; instead, enjoying a self-care day or taking time for yourself is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Megan Sabo, a sophomore majoring in speech pathology and audiology, celebrated early with her friends. “My friends and I had Galentine’s Day in the dorms. We went to Target and bought a heart-shaped cake,” Sabo said. “We watched some romance movies together and just had girl talk.”

Alice Fermaintt, executive director for Kent Interhall Council, plans to stay in her dorm and catch up on “The Bachelor.”

Kent Interhall Council (KIC) is the governing body for all on-campus residents. Their mission is to promote a positive living and learning atmosphere, as well as student leadership opportunities within the halls.

“There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to Valentine’s Day to do something,” said Fermaintt. “Because of COVID, I try to not go out as much and if I do, it’s an intimate setting rather than a party,” she said. “It’s our civic duty; if I can stay home, I will stay home.”

KIC wanted to show the love and appreciation they have for students. Fermaintt and the council made Valentine’s Day cards for Kent State staff members on Thursday and Friday. 

Gianna Jessup, a junior psychology major, said it will be her and her boyfriend’s 14-month anniversary on the day before Valentine’s Day. “Having someone is really important, especially during COVID,” Jessup said.

Sabo described the holiday as not just about being with someone, but a day to recognize that life is good and that you are loved.

Camryn Kocher is a student life reporter. Contact her at [email protected].