USG creates new committees, adds member at meeting

Matt Poe

The Undergraduate Student Government passed two critical pieces of legislation and added a new officer at its biweekly public meeting on Wednesday night.

Both pieces of legislation deal with the issue of expanding representation of student diversity, both of which Marvin Logan, executive director of USG, said are “monumental.”

“I think they were historic pieces of legislation in our 90-plus years of history,” Logan said. “As representatives of the undergraduate student body, I thought it was imperative we address this and we were finally able to do that today.”

The committee voted to approve International Student Affairs Advisory Council, which is “devoted to the concerns of international students” and will serve to hear potential issues that international students may face, as well as providing a liaison between international students and administration. The issue, co-sponsored by Megan Carrasco, senator-at-large, is one that has been discussed since last summer.

“This was the number one issue shown on my agenda and is a main priority,” Carrasco said. “This is going to be a place where international students can talk about the issues they’re facing on campus.”

The other key piece of legislation approved is a Standing Diversity Committee “devoted to the concerns of underrepresented students and how to improve relations.” The key goal is to help represent the wide range of diverse students that Kent State has, such as LBGTQ, international students and students of color. Many members of USG have voiced their concern about lack of representation of these groups.

Aside from creating the new committees, an important vacancy was filled. Trey Walker, a sophomore communications major, was sworn in as the new senator of residence halls, a position he is eager to begin.

“I went through the whole RA process and it wasn’t a good fit for me with my schedule,” Walker said.

His new position requires a great deal of communication between resident assistants and students living in residence halls, which is an area that steered Walker to the job.

“I feel like this is the best position because I like speaking directly to the students and what better way than to work with the RAs. It’s a perfect fit,” Walker said.

At its next public meeting on Feb. 18, USG will reportedly vote on the Gender-Friendly Inclusive Housing and Restrooms Initiative and prepare for upcoming student elections. 

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