Interim police chief doesn’t want permanent position

Katie Nix

Brimfield’s interim police chief announced he’s not currently interested in the permanent position Wednesday at the township’s trustees meeting.

“(The department) had a plan in place that someday I would be chief, but that was five to seven years down the road after I gained more experience and knowledge in order to do that effectively,” Interim Chief and Capt. Chris Adkins said. “Due to everything that’s happened here though in the last few months, I haven’t been able to do that yet, and I would really like to better myself before I take that position on permanently.”

Adkins became the interim chief of the department when former chief David Oliver was suspended and later resigned in mid-January

“I also really want to take this time to focus on my education,” Adkins said. “I’m just about done with my master’s degree and I’m currently doing research for my thesis.”

Adkins said in addition to his master’s degree in criminal justice and program planning, he is possibly considering trying to get a Ph.D.

“He knows the administrative part of it but he needs more experience in the actual part of being a police chief,” Trustee Mike Kostensky said. “He was brutally honest with all of us and told us that this just was not the time for him to take this job but he is going to stay on in the department and keep helping out as he always done.”

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