Gatsby-themed Design Arts Ball an opportunity to network

Julia Kerchenski

Architecture, interior design and visual communication design students will host a masquerade Design Arts Ball at the Kent State Hotel and Conference Center on Saturday, Nov. 15 at 6 p.m.

The theme of the ball will be “The Great Gatsby.” Attendees are encouraged to wear Gatsby-themed masks, said Joshua Bird, senior visual communication design major and planning co-chair of the event.

“Everyone is going to be dressed untraditionally but very high class,” Bird said.

The ball will begin with a sit-down dinner, complete with photo booth, a DJ and dancing. 

“We want our students to understand that this is a great networking opportunity,” Bird said. “Although you’re not networking outside the university, you’re networking with other designers here on campus.”

Bird said the students involved in planning the ball decided to promote the event to everyone on campus rather than strictly design students. Bird said he hopes the ball will be an annual event and fundraiser for the hosting student organizations.

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