Halloween crime down from last year

Danielle Hess

The Kent Police Department cleaned up the streets of Kent during the city’s unofficial Halloween celebration Oct. 25, making a total of 43 physical arrests.

The number dropped slightly from last year’s count of 46 arrests. 41 adults were arrested this year, along with two juveniles, said Lt. Jim Prusha of the Kent Police Department.

The night’s most common charge was prohibitions, or underage drinking, with police arresting 29 individuals. Six houses were charged with unlawful noise, six people were charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated and the station received three service calls for theft. 

Kent PD Statistics

Information and numbers about arrests made in Kent during Halloween weekend are available here.

There was only one service call for theft in 2013, but Prusha said this year’s theft count of three is still a small amount for Kent’s Halloween party. 

“We had three thefts reported between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m.,” Prusha said. “This doesn’t seem like a huge number to me, but people may have realized items were missing the next day and called in to report theft the following day.”

Kent Police Department kept the community safe with 100 officers stationed downtown and the streets around campus, Prusha said.

“We’ve assigned and broken officers into teams to cover areas and limit illegal activities, including thefts, but also to provide security to the community,” he said.

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