Kent State students make do without own vehicles


MaKayla Brown

Kent State freshman Julia Schoonover gets in a Zipcar she rented on April 17, 2014. There are Zipcars located in the R-6 Fletcher lot by Terrace Hall, available for rental online.

Nathan Havenner

Not having a car or easy access to a personal vehicle to get around is one of many issues that students face when living on campus.

Junior anthropology major Tali Merdler said she has a difficult time getting around without a vehicle of her own and relies on PARTA to get to work.

“It is definitely a challenge to get places,” Merdler said, “especially on the weekends.”

Merdler said she works at a Jewish youth group in Solon and takes a PARTA bus to get there.

“Over the weekend, I have to take the PARTA bus on Friday and then I come back on the bus Sunday if I have an event on a Saturday evening,” she said.

Merdler said getting around campus without a car is not as big of a deal as some might think because she has the option of riding a PARTA bus and she does not mind walking when necessary.

Sophomore visual communication design major Katherine Panneton was not able to take her car with her to college because she shares it with her sister, who needs the car to get to work.

“With my major, I have to go to FedEx a lot, and I have to rely on people to take me there,” she said.

Panneton said she has not had any issues getting around because she has a lot of friends with vehicles who are able to take her where she needs to go.

Unlike Panneton, who had to adjust to not having access to her own car at all times, Merdler said she has never owned a car and does not have a lot of experience driving.

“I didn’t drive in high school, so it’s not like I had the ability to drive and then that was taken away from me,” Merdler said. “I have always been without it so it, is not my first priority.”

Panneton said she would consider renting one of the Zipcars available to students at Kent State if it were absolutely necessary.

According to this story about Zipcars posted Jan. 16, these vehicles are available to students over the age of 18 and cost $69 each day or $7.50 an hour in addition to a $25 membership fee for the first year.

Kent State sustainability manager Melanie Knowles said in the same article that the practice of sharing a vehicle is becoming more common, and Zipcar is in the process of expanding around the country.

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