USG member’s post sparks controversy

Emily Mills

Eric Dyne, a candidate for director of student advancement for Kent State’s Undergraduate Student Government, faced backlash on social media Wednesday night when he posted a Facebook status following the shooting near Bowman Hall and the Business Administration Building.

Dyne, a senior chemistry major, said on his wall, “Which member of the football team or Basketball team of Kent is responsible now?”

Several Twitter users called Dyne’s post racist and offensive.

Marvin Logan, executive director elect of USG, condemned Dyne’s statement on Twitter, saying, “Eric Dyne’s comments in no way reflect the current USG views. I don’t condone … his comments or behavior, and I’m appalled.”

Matthew Thompson, a junior sports administration major and director of student relations for Black United Students, also condemned the post in an email.

“We [Black United Students] believe that this status negatively shines light on African-American student athletes, and as advocates for the rights of African-Americans on the Kent State campus, we would like to take a firm stance on this issue and be sure that justice is served,” Thompson said. “As student leaders, we are held to a strict standard, one that requires an open mind, undiscriminatory heart and a professional demeanor.”

Dyne said in an email that he regretted his post.

“What I said on social media was insensitive on my part and not proper,” he said. “I am apologizing to Kent State University, particularly those offended by my thoughtless words. I spoke off of the top of my head and what was written was taken out of context once I realized how it was viewed. I immediately removed the post and apologized.”

He said his post was poorly timed and was not referencing the shooting; he said it was in reference to the two football players, Roman Clay and Julian Durden, whose dismissal from the football team was reported earlier this week.

Dyne said he would resign from USG if necessary.

The comment was deleted from Dyne’s Facebook account, and Dyne’s Twitter account appears to have been deactivated.

Katherine Cookson, a junior criminology and justice studies major, won the election for director of student advancement over Dyne on March 4, 839 to 306.

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