USG Candidates: Senator for College of Nursing


Luke Sutton
Nursing major, Sophomore

What do you hope to accomplish while in office?

“I recently just got accepted into the nursing program and when you that they hand you this huge financial obligation between stethoscopes and all the ATI programs you need for your computer. It ends up being about an extra $1000. So I was hoping to set up some kind of semesterly fundraiser to raise money and distribute that money among the new incoming nursing students and reduce the cost. I also wanted to set up a new peer mentoring system for the newer people in the program. So newer nursing students can meet up with someone who is a senior and find out what classes to take and how to study because it’s a lot. It’s very demanding.”

What specific responsibilities will you have?

“Basically I will be the face of the undergraduate student body within the College of Nursing. The person who runs it right now has done a lot with organizations and programs, but it’s very versatile what you can do with it. It just depends on what you want to put your efforts toward.”

Why are you running?

“I definitely want to get more involved and get my name out there and make a change.”

What previous experience do you have with student leadership?

“I have a leadership position within my work environment at the Student Accessibility Center. I have to delegate a lot of our responsibilities to new employees. I don’t have that much experience when it comes to student government leadership, but I’ve talked to some people and have a good idea of what I want to do.”

Why do you think you will be the best for the position?

“I think just coming from such a female dominated workforce of nurses I think that a male aspect and outlook on things would be beneficial. I could offer a different outlook on all the different issues I’ll be dealing with. I have a lot of work ethic and I think if I was elected the position I would be able to excel.”

Now that College Dems/Reps & PRIDE! aren’t endorsing any candidates, what will you do for endorsements?

“I plan to just pay out of pocket for my flyers and advertisements. My apartment complex has free printing. But when it comes to endorsements I was thinking about going to Twisted Melt. I know they’ve been handing out $1 coupons so I figured that they can give me a stack and I can attach them to my flyers. It’s free advertising for them and it also help me giving something to the students as opposed to just handing them a flyer. And not just Twisted Melt but any place that would do that I would consider.”

Keaira Brandon
Pre-nursing major, Sophomore

Susan Carter
Nursing major, Junior