KSU nearly out of road salt

DKS Staff

Kent State is running extremely low on road salt, university officials said Thursday.

University spokesman Eric Mansfield said the university has about 150 tons of salt left. Kent State usually needs about 200 tons to cover a major event such as a snowstorm, one of which is expected this weekend into Monday for as much as 8 inches of snow.

“The icy areas may not be cleared as fast because we have a reduced amount of salt remaining, and we have to ration what we have left,” Mansfield said.

The university has requested more salt, but every supplier is running low.

“The suppliers out there have a reduced amount for all communities, including a university like us,” Mansfield said. “So we have to make do with what we have right now.”

University spokeswoman Emily Vincent said people on campus would likely notice a difference compared with previous snowstorms, but Mansfield emphasized the university would salt strategically and clear the snow in other ways.

“We’re going to shovel as much as we can; we’re going to plow as much as we can,” Mansfield said.