News on the go: Feb. 12, 2014

Celia Fernandez

Legendary child star, Shirley Temple Black, died Monday night at the age of 85.  She died of natural causes at her home in California. Temple captivated Hollywood at just the age of 5. She was best known for her dancing, sugary-sweet singing voice and signature curly-haired mop. 

House Speaker John Boehner has agreed to let Congress vote on increasing the government’s debt ceiling. This decision has caused displeasure within the tea party and came only after Republicans made it clear they didn’t want to get into a high-stakes fight with Democrats over the nation’s debt ceiling. Read story here.  

The earning gap between young adults with college degrees and those without has reach the highest level in nearly 50 years, a new study finds. This gap is a sign of the growing value of a college education regardless of rising tuitions costs. Young adults with a high school diploma or less are now earning 62 percent of the income of college graduates, down from 80 percent in 1965. Read story here.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder is calling on states to restore voting rights to ex-felons. This call is a part of an attempt to fix what Holder sees as flaws in the criminal justice system that have an impact on racial minorities. Recently, he has doubled down on mandatory drug sentences and prison overcrowding. 

Information is from the Associated Press

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