New single-stream recycling bins promote green practices

Erin Zaranec

The latest addition to the Student Center makes recycling more student-friendly.

Single-stream recycling bins, which allow paper, plastic, metal and other recyclable materials to be disposed of in the same place, were added to the Student Center in late September.

The single-stream bins do not require any sorting or separating, making it easier for students to dispose of trash that can later be recycled. While recycling bins are already placed in residence halls and academic buildings, they may look different than the blue-and-gold single-stream bins and may require sorting.

The new bins, which can also be found in Tri-Towers, were put in place to “support our green initiatives in recycling on campus,” associate dean of students Timeka Rashid said. Kent State aims to keep a clean campus along with maintaining a healthy environment.

While the bins are still a fairly recent change to campus, Rashid believes that “slowly but surely they will make a difference.”

The change may be small, but with time Rashid said she believes it will make a noticeable dent in Kent State’s contribution to helping the environment.

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