Five Kent State students plead guilty to break-in

Rebecca Reis

Five Kent State students, including two student athletes, plead guilty to one count of trespass in a habitation, a fourth-degree felony, and are participating in a court-ordered drug treatment in order to dismiss those charges.

Dontell Higgins, 21; Kwan Bailey, 22; David Coleman, 21; SeVaughn Knight, 20; and Austin Wilson, 19, were indicted by a Portage County grand jury in mid-December for second-degree felony burglary of 126 University Drive on Dec. 1.

It is unknown if any punitive action was taken by the university, but Shay Little, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students, said that the university can take action for any violation of the Code of Conduct by current students.

“In general, it is the case that sometimes if a student is arrested off campus or there is some kind of inappropriate behavior, that can be reported back to the Office of Student Conduct, and we will initiate that conduct process,” Little said. “That review and process, of course, is separate from any criminal process that may or may not happen.”

Both Higgins, a sprinter for the track and field team, and Bailey, a wrestler, were suspended indefinitely from all team activities in December, said Joel Nielsen, athletic director, in a January interview.

Police said the suspects took a video-gaming system, a TV, a laptop computer and multiple DVDs, although most of the goods were recovered.

If the students complete one year of drug treatment, the charges will be dismissed and records expunged.

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