KSU Independent Films begins filming ‘Hell at Heathridge’


Co-directors Caroline Abbey and Tyler Pina, senior electronic media production majors, converse with Paul Shaia, who plays the character Mr. Yates in the independent film “Hell at Heathridge”. The crew filmed at Comfort Inn Tuesday, June 18, 2013. 

Jacqueline DeMate

Commotion, cameras and costumed actors will be a common site around campus as KSU Independent Films begins shooting its third feature-length film. Shooting officially started on June 13 and will continue throughout the summer.

“Hell at Heathridge” is a horror movie that takes place at fictional Heathridge University, where a group of unsuspecting students take on the task of reenacting a murder that occurred nearly two decades ago. The reenactment takes a turn for the worst when evil becomes more than just a legend.

Planning for the movie started almost a year ago, and most of the students have been working on pre-production for the movie since February. The crew includes Kent State students participating in the movie for internship or class credit and volunteers from all over the university.

“It’s about a hundred meetings a day with every single department, a lot of coffee and a lot of fun,” co-director Tyler Pina said about pre-production.

The movie will be filmed at locations in and around Kent State, including Kent Hall, Moulton Hall and the library on campus. Shooting will also take place in downtown Kent, including at Water Street Tavern and Tree City Coffee & Pastry.

“I think it’s going to be a fantastic movie that is going to scare everybody and keep staying tuned because more things will keep coming,” co-director Caroline Abbey said.

KSU Independent Films is one of the only college organizations in the country that produces feature-length films, making this production stand out.

“We’re going to try and get into as many film festivals as we can, we’re not limiting it to domestic festivals. We’re going to submit it to as many international festivals as we can, just really get it out there and try to get some awards from it. I mean already the level we’re at is just incredible,” Pina said. “We’re not keeping any doors closed. We’re trying to get it out there as much as we can.”

Filming for the movie will end Aug. 3 and the movie will premiere in early December. KSU Independent Films will be accepting donations throughout filming and production this summer. Contact [email protected] to make a donation.

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