News On The Go: Feb. 19, 2013

Maura Zurick

In response to thousands of people held in Israeli jails, Palestinians blocked roads and held marches across the West Bank on Monday. Israel is said to be holding more than 4,500 Palestinians for charges ranging from throwing stones to militant attacks. The protestors demanded the release of four detainees who are on hunger strike. The Israeli government did not comment on any plans to release the prisoners.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned home on Monday after a two-month cancer treatment in Cuba following surgery. The president’s return was first announced on his Twitter account. Vice president Nicolas Maduro said in a television address that Chavez will continue treatment at the Dr. Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital in Caracas.

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The United Nations on Monday said fighters on both sides of Syria’s civil war have committed human rights violations and should be tried in court. European foreign ministers extended an arms embargo on Syria in an attempt to limit the ability of both the Syrian government and rebels to wage war. The conflict has been occurring for more than two years.

While on vacation, President Barack Obama played golf with Tiger Woods on Sunday at an exclusive club on Florida’s Treasure Coast. Despite the Obama administration promising to be a transparent government, media were prohibited from covering the golf outing.

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All information is from the Associated Press.

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