Nametags in Prentice Hall burned, police search for leads

Amanda Crumm

Kent State University Police Services is investigating an arsonist who is setting fires around Prentice Hall.

Over the span of approximately one week, seven fires have been reported.

Five of the seven incidents occurred when paper nametags, hanging on resident doors in Prentice Hall, were set on fire, said Emily Vincent, director of university media relations. All of the five paper nametags were partially or completely destroyed, but no other damage resulted from the fires.

Vincent said fire alarms were not triggered because the fires were small in size and extinguished themselves prior to reaching a size capable of provoking alarms.

Two additional incidents were reported after burn marks were discovered on concrete walls in Prentice Hall. Vincent said it appeared as though a flame was held against the wall, but no actual fire occurred.

No injuries were reported in any of the incidents.

Police Services held a fire safety meeting Nov. 6 in Prentice Hall with residents to address the severity of this issue.

“We want to make sure people know that we’re taking this seriously, and that we’re just looking out for the health and safety of our campus community,” Vincent said.

Police Services was unable to comment due to the case being under investigation. However, Vincent disclosed that Police Services is receiving anonymous tips through the Kent State University ThreatLine and are investigating all leads.

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