Obama supporters celebrate the President’s reelection at Ravenna watch party


John Brovarone of Ravenna could not contain his excitement after hearing of another Obama winning another state while watching election coverage at the Italian American Society on Nov. 6. Photo by Grace Jelinek

President Obama’s persistent Ohio campaigning paid off Tuesday night as the state helped swing the Electoral College in his favor.

Obama supporters cheered, applauded and cried at a Portage County Democratic watch party at the Ravenna Italian American Club as a crowd watched NBC’s Brian Williams announce the president’s projected win.

“[I feel] satisfied, we got the right guy,” said retired teacher John Brovarone. “I’m proud to live in a ‘blue’ state.”

Debbie Clemens, whose son is currently serving in the military overseas, said she is relieved by Obama’s reelection.

“[I’m] ecstatic,” she said. “I’m happy to know for the next four years President Obama will do his best not to jump into a new war.”

Ravenna resident R.L. Sanders said there was more at stake than just the Presidency in this election. He said this election determined America’s future.

“Romney’s flip-flopping scares me,” R.L. Sanders said. “I don’t like a liar. America is more decent than that.”

Health care has also been one of the most important issues in this election. Obama supporter Eddie Sanders said Obamacare will remain a historic piece of legislation.

“We’ve been through so much as a country, and I see this as another turning point,” Eddie Sanders said. “Civil rights, success in the Second World War, and now we need to band together and move forward again.”

Kent resident Merle Mollenkopf, 77, said he has seen many politicians come and go, but said Obama has done good work in the past four years.

Mollenkopf said Obama’s continued presidency is a huge leap for diversity in politics.

“I like that we finally have a person of color in the White House,” he said.

Even though the election results will take days to be finalized, supporters of the Democratic ticket are content to gather together, celebrate and reflect — confident the public chose the right man for the job.

“I have outlived many presidents in my lifetime,” Mollenkopf said. “One thing I always remember is to never underestimate the political animal in either party.”

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